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Business and vacation travelers benefit from a pre-travel medical consultation. During your medical visit, our physician specializing in travel health will provide you with customized health and safety education about the specific countries you will be visiting and administer the appropriate vaccinations to help prevent infectious diseases.

If you know you’ll be traveling abroad in the future, MAS Medical recommends scheduling your pre-travel consultation months in advance. Depending on the potential health risks of your travel destinations, achieving full immunity can take weeks to months. Recommendations for some preventative medications are to begin taking them weeks before departure, anti-malarial medication being a classic example. Additionally, vaccines such as Hepatitis A, which is universally recommended outside the United States as a preventative measure against food and water related illness, is given over a multiple month period; the second booster vaccine is typically given 6 to 12 months after the initial vaccine.

Comprehensive travel vaccinations and travel health advice